for MS Teams

Enhance your sales pitches, educational sessions, and presentations with PitchHub's Teleprompter for Microsoft Teams. Whether you're hosting a live webinar, conducting a Microsoft Teams, or crafting a message for a prospect, customer, or company update, our teleprompter empowers you to deliver your content flawlessly.

With PitchHub Teleprompter seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Teams experience, you maintain complete control. Your audience and recordings won't see the teleprompter when you record or share your screen, ensuring a polished and professional delivery.


Font size, scroll speed and more
to match you preferences


Bookmark to save & restore your position in the text


The teleprompter is hidden
during screen share


Access to the app from anywhere you like and keep on track


Stories from our customers
Cindy Mark profile picture

PitchHub's Teleprompter saved me

I received a call that another consultant in the industry, unfortunately, passed away. I was asked to fill in his 3 hours long lecture at York University. A few days before I realized that I didn't remember all and I had to read it. But I wanted to keep eye contact. Teleprompter saved my day!

Cindy Mark
Speaker, Certified Trainer
Michael Lock profile picture

I highly recommend PitchHub’s Teleprompter

For executives who are trying to record high quality videos, either for internal purposes, or for external purposes. It works great!

Michael Lock
SVP Upstart
Kristina Kuprina profile picture

More people are watching my videos before hiring me

They get a sense of what I have to say on various subjects
and more importantly who I am as a person.

Kristina Kuprina
President, Sequoia Wealth Advisors
Beth McClain profile picture

Teleprompter makes my teaching in the class a lot better

I am teaching a class for a nonprofit is part of my transition to retirement. And the subject matter is not my professionial area of expertise, but I feel very passionately about. But I didn’t have confidence on the technical details. And so I tried the Teleprompter and it was an immediate improvement.

Beth McClain
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